Will You Stand Him Up… Again?

Will You Stand Him Up… Again?


Have you ever watched a movie in which a guy has been stood up on a date by a girl he really liked? From the pure excitement he has after setting the time and location of their date, to telling his best friend about a potential girl he really likes. For days, he anticipates the moment where they actually meet, wondering what to wear or what to even say. Then finally, the day comes and… she doesn’t arrive. —leaving him to eat alone embarrassed and disappointed. Soon, the sad slow music plays in the background as he walks home with his head down. Usually, a trail of hard rain begins to follow, which makes the night even worse.

Maybe it could possibly be you who has experienced being stood up by someone you really liked—getting all dressed up, smelling great, and making sure you’re on time, only to get there and find no one. Denial begins to set in, thinking he or she is just running late. “Maybe their phone died,” you say to yourself because your phone calls keep going straight to voicemail. Right? As you’re sitting there confused and wondering what went wrong, the waiter comes frequently to your table asking if you’re ready to order… You’re embarrassed to eat by yourself, thanks to a No CALL, No SHOW.

A day that started out exciting and hopeful only ended in extreme hurt and anger… Sounds like a sense of betrayal, doesn’t it?

This is a lot like our alone time with Jesus. When we set in our mind that we are going to get in our Word and spend some time with Him, only to let time get the best of us and we end up postponing it to the next day. Or, you’re probably like me, who rushes through reading a couple chapters before bed just to show I did spend some time with Him as promised. Either way, we’re standing Him up on having that time alone that He desires. Why? Because our hearts are really not there to receive.

God revealed this scenario to me, comparing being stood up on a date to alone time with Him. The Word is literally the food on our plate that we intake spiritually, worship music is like the music playing in the background at a restaurant, and then it is just you and Jesus at the table. Do you see the concept now? It completely wrecked me because there are nights I just go to bed, watch Lifetime Movie Network (my favorite network by the way), netflx, or read a couple verses and call it a night. It truly opened my eyes and crushed me after discovering what I was doing and from that night forward, I made sure I spend time with him.

Psalm 27:8 says “My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “LORD, I am coming.”

How many of us really go through and talk to Him? Call me crazy, but I believe Jesus comes dressed up at his best ready to speak and listen to us, only for us to never show up. How many times are we going to stand Him up? How many times are we going to cause pain and disappointment? What if that moment we missed meeting with Him was the night we could have received an answer we’ve been desiring to know? I know you’re probably saying, “But Aline, I’m a full-time student and employee, I have a family, I have to cook, and I’m tired…” However, you will make time and sacrifice for what’s truly important to you.

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”—Matthew 6:21 (NLT)

There are 24 hours in a day. He’s not asking for your whole day, but simply a moment out of your day set aside just for Him.

So much can come from me spending time with Him, such as renewed strength, hope, laughter, clarity, peace, and much more. I guarantee you’re not going to want to leave His presence. He’s longing for time with you. He desires your presence with Him. So, my question for you is: Will you stand Him up again?






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