The Woman of God on the Go!

House_of_the_Living_God_in_North_Miami_Florida_Deliverance_Healing_Power_Joy_Prosperity_Malory_Laurent_Dr._Phil_Bishop_Sem_Celestin_Julien_Janvier_Pastor_West_Benjamin_LifeThe Lord’s calling upon a man’s or a woman’s life is not based at first on his or her multidimensional even personal credentials, which can sometimes shine to build a social reputation; but it depends, above all else, on what the great divine potter wants to achieve with one or the other. Let us make no mistake. In his sovereignty, the creator selects in advance such a person to guide his people. General Electric CEO, Jack Welch said, “The world belongs to passionate, driven leaders – people who not only have enormous amounts of energy but who can energize those whom they lead.” At this level, these rare species wouldn’t put themselves in the firing line without completing the work that has been entrusted to them. Pastor Mireille Michel Simon is in the line of those who tackle this noble task, which in itself is divine.

Better yet, she made her first contribution to the evangelical world when she was ten years old. She passed through the potter’s mold. She is the founder of the first Shepherdess at House of the Living God (#1 Haiti, #2 North Miami, FL), but her field of work is varied and spread in several countries such as Haiti, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Aruba, Venezuela to mention just a few. Because she is obedient to God, her ministry works under the guidance of the Holy Spirit with the name and blood of Jesus, by making Jeremiah 29:11 her favorite bible verse, “I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Instead of looking for a position, she always looks to follow Jesus. She has shown to be a servant leader, a visionary, a leader who fights to recognize that she must delegate tasks according to Dr. John Maxwell’s laws of Significance in “The Golden Rules of Leadership”: “One is a number too small to reach greatness.”

Better yet, just as her work is very cherished in the evangelical world, last year the news of her death was spread in the community like wildfire. The Bible says in Psalm 44:1, [sic, 46:1 instead] “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” The Lord has put her once more on her pedestal. Now she has become like an eagle according to the promise of God in Psalm 103:5, “[He] who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” It is a rebirth (a comeback) that brings HLG members and other Christians from here and there to be born anew in the Lord Jesus Christ once again with the hope that He has the sovereign capacity to do all things even to shout with a voice strong enough to raise the dead (Matthew 28:20) for He is the master of resurrection.

Better yet, the 40-day revival, drawn from the book of Genesis 26:12, with the theme of “You sowed, so you must reap!” in October and November 2017, is creating ripples. The worship, various sermons, as such, presented by different men and women of God who magnetize many to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, have abounded. People came from everywhere, others used social networks to re-immerse themselves and, moreover, make confessions of deliverance for themselves through the scripture with Dr. Mireille [Simon] inside a fully packed church. The Lord keeps paying his presence daily at HLG with a new start in a new consecration to God under the sign of a fresh and new unity that witnesses the return home of certain members who have left.

Decidedly, when God calls us, He takes us to our destiny. However, He begins while He immediately finishes all that He does before entrusting us with a job. In his omniscience, He knows the detours and setbacks. One must experience them, of course, on the way. It was so for Moses, Joshua, David and the apostles of the New Testament. This is about little divine secrets to make us become mature before arriving to the port. Let us never forget this, the calling that makes us a visionary also pushes us to go all the way to the end. We must not quit. None of the above patriarchs of faith did not act in this way. Neither did our model, the Lord Jesus Christ, in his anguish in Gethsemane. In Matthew 26:39, He said, “My Father, Yet not as I will, but as you will.” So, we cannot imagine that Dr. Mireille Michel Simon has a more vehement testimony to go to what she herself evangelizes in one of her sermons: “Our destiny is in the hands of the Lord.”

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