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Do you know that thinking right is very important for speaking right in order to rightly act your way to success?

The thing is, when you begin to think, speak and act accurately, your life will be set on the track that leads to life satisfaction. Living the life of your choosing.

How we think directly affect our communication skills, which in turn affect how or whether we take action at all.

I was raised the most part of my childhood years without a mom or a dad. I had to live with family members and friends of the family.

That came with a price. (Read more…)

Meet the Team

Roland F. St. Gerard /Founder & CEO

Roland F. St. Gerard is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and publisher of MCE Magazine. As a former nightclub DJ, Roland encountered the Lord Jesus through a series of events initiated by God Himself, and Roland made the decision to follow Christ in the Fall of 1992.

Roland has always been a student in the hands of God, being mentored by the Lord Himself. As Roland genuinely submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit, he will continue to shed great light on the word of God and in regards to heavenly concepts.

Roland is married to Kathleen Simon St. Gerard. In their blended family Roland and his wife have eight children and counting and one grandchild.
Roland’s heart is to preach the gospel by any means in order to encourage people to live the abundant and eternal life Jesus Christ came to give.
Roland can be contacted by email: ministerroland@gmail.com; by phone: 786-587-7199.
Websites: www.livingbywords.com; www.mcemagazine.com.


Kathleen S. St. Gerard /Vice President

Kathleen is a multi-talented woman of God. If it has been done, she will do it. If it has not been done, she will pioneer it.

Kathleen was raised with two sets of grandparents who were ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her first upbringing by her grandparents in Haiti, Pastor Simon Jean Baptiste and his wife. Then, in her teen years, she was brought up by her other grandparents in the Bahamas.

Kathleen have passion for many things. She leads praise and worship at church services. When she’s given the opportunity she preaches and teaches the word of God. she is an extraordinary cook, banquet decorator, etc.

Kathleen is biological mother of six children but mother of eight.


Gerald Laguerre / Public Relations

Gerald, a student of Law, runs his business providing Immigration services and tax preparation, with document translation, etc.

Gerald is a board member of Miami Christian Entertainment, Corp., the parent company of MCE Magazine.

Gerald, who once was a youth leader, is now also an itinerant preacher.